Do it yourself boat lettering                                                          
To Apply Boat Lettering Yourself, you will need:
1. A window cleaner with ammonia for the dirt and/or  acetone to clean the surface of wax or rubbing compound (do not expect your lettering to adhere on a waxed surface)
2. Transfer Liquid and a Squeegee (available for $8.00 with your order)
3. Masking Tape

1. Once you have a clean surface, position the lettering and temporarily tape it with small pieces of masking tape at the top. This will allow you to reposition until you are sure you have it where you want it and that it is straight,
2. When you are satisfied with the positioning, apply a strip of masking tape along the bottom of the lettering making a sort of hinge.  You may want to use an extra strip of tape to keep the lettering in place during step 3,* (see suggestion 2 below)
3. Remove top pieces of temporary positioning tape (step 1) and allow the lettering to drop
4. Peel off the backing layer of the lettering and spray with the transfer spray that may be purchased with your order

5. Spray surface of the boat,
6. Bring up the lettering onto the boat and begin to squeege from middle to edges,
7. Allow a few minutes setting time with more squeegee action. Then begin to peel off the transfer layer starting from the upper corner.  If the lettering is not sticking to the surface, it needs more setting time.  Repeat squeegee process and let dry longer.

If outline and/or shadow is ordered, each layer will each come with registration marks for placement. Application of this layer is different: remove backing layer, spray well with transfer liquid and line up registration marks. Follow steps 6 & 7.
Strong Suggestions
1. Avoid application on a windy day
and when air/surface temperature is below 50 degrees farenheit.

2. *Make vertical cuts, between the letters-after positioning- for easier handling of long lettering.
3. Allow lettering to settle for several days before touching/washing.
4. When you measure, be sure you take into consideration any hardware near the lettering that might impede placement
(see gallery page ie: Field Trip, Lazy Days, Perfect Chemistry, Extra Credit)
5. For side hull lettering, avoid the bilge release area when choosing placement,
6. Ornate or script lettering does not work well in all caps.  Choose upper/lower case.