PLEASE NOTE: the pricing conputation of the DIY page is not current. Please call for accurate pricing.
If you've tried out the do it yourself lettering design center and you're still not sure what you want.....
No Sweat!
I am pleased to offer custom design consultation by telephone or email free of charge.

If you have a company logo image, special font or would like a particular graphic image
for your boat lettering,  please contact me to
open the discussion.
The email box below makes communication easy.
A phone call will also work (508) 394 4232.
I will send you a proposal when you have decided on size and components you want.
Do It Yourself On Line Boat Lettering


Tips for Ordering
1. Tell me the Name you've chosen
2. Do you need a Hailing Port?

If you have a documented vessel,
US Coast Guard
requires a 4" Hailing Port,
the same city and state
as are noted on your
documents. It is usually placed
under the name.
Remember this when you measure.

3. Do you need Registration Numbers?

If you are not documented, but travel under motor
power, you will need Registration Numbers on each side of the bow. That information is on your Registration paperwork.
4. What Colors are on your boat?
5. Are you thinking about adding Graphics?
6. Do you have a particular Font in mind?
Please tell me the name of the font and, if I don't already have it, I will try to import it.
(There is a charge for this import, so if you have the vectored font, you can send it to me by email.  I can walk you through that process.)
7. If your choice is an Ornate or Script Font, upper/lower case is recommended
8. When Measuring, be sure to take into consideration any hardware that may be within the application area.
9. For Side Lettering, avoid the bilge release area.